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The importance of keeping up with modern web standards

In the past, implementing HTTPS/SSL might have only seemed necessary for banks, e-commerce stores, and other sites that handled sensitive information. But recently, there has been a push for across-the-board SSL – so much so that Google has been elevating the page ranking of sites that are secured – not only does it help protect visitors on the site, it’s become a good SEO strategy as well. Another newer standard of note is AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages. This denotes sites that have specific formatting and coding which allows them to load rapidly on mobile devices. By incorporating both SSL and AMP functionality into your sites, you will be improving both your user experience and your site’s page rank. Often, implementing these features is a simple matter of purchasing an SSL certificate or installing a plugin, but there are instances where a greater effort is required, for example, to validate that all of the content on the site is being served from a secured location and asset URLs are being served from HTTPS as well.

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